Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heliconia Psittacorum Andromeda

Its common name is Parakeet Flower.

Parakeet flower is an everblooming, tropical plant that produces an abundance of bright flowers above clumps of lush, evergreen leaves. It is native to South America. It looks great all year around.

This vigorous ornamental spreads by rhizomes and has long, banana-like leaves that are dark green and tatter easily in strong winds. The flowers are borne atop long, smooth, green flower stalks that are held above the leaves. They are comprised of red, orange-red or orange showy bracts that hold small, tubular flowers. Each true flower may be yellow, red, orange or green and have a dark spot at the end, which makes it look like a parrot’s tongue.

Parakeet flower grows best in full sun to partial shade and organic-rich, evenly moist soil with good drainage. In tropical zones it is grown as a landscape plant. Its elegant, tropical flowers are long lasting when cut and look great in bright, colorful arrangements.

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