Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Parasailing at the beach front of Lone Pine resort hotel in Penang, Malaysia.

Tucked in an idyllic spot along Penang’s coastline, Lone Pine is Batu Ferringhi’s only luxury boutique hotel. Renewed and rejuvenated after a lovingly undertaken restoration, Penang’s favourite beachside boutique resort reopens its doors refreshed in design and facilities, but still infused with the same colonial spirit and idyllic charm that has made it one of Penang’s legendary hotels. The perfect place for creating memories never to be forgotten.

On my returned visit to the renewed and rejuvenated resort, I found the boutique resort to be very charming, the spacious reception area with free wifi access, the relaxed outdoor dining, the quaint swimming pool with the colonial house beside it and of course the snugly hammocks strung between trees in the open field made for a very nice and enjoyable stay at Lone Pine!!

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