Monday, April 1, 2013

Buddha Belly Plant 2

Its botanical name is Jatropha podagrica. It should be noted that the fruit and sap of Jatropha podagrica are very toxic (especially to children). The plant contains the toxic curcin, making it poisonous.

The seed oil is used to reduce swellings, for pain relief and to detoxify snakebites. The stem is swollen into vasculum at the base and filled with thin sap. The plant bears bright red coral-like flowers throughout the year.

Naturally, Jatropha podagrica's fruit appear where the fertilized female flowers were located, usually at the main junctions of the flowerhead. (Remember that it is the fruit that is one of the most poisonous parts of the plant!). Fruit are three-sided, and usually contain three seeds. Mature fruit are yellow, but the immature one is bright green.

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