Sunday, April 14, 2013

Melastoma Singapore Flower

Also known as Himalayan Melastome, it is a genus in the family Melastomataceae. It has about 50 species distributed around Southeast Asia, India, and Australia. Many species have been planted around the world for the aesthetic value of their bright purple flowers.

Himalayan Melastome is a bristly haired shrub growing up to 5 m. Leaves are broadly lance-like with 3 prominent parallel viens, and are bristly haired beneath. Pinkish-mauve flowers, 5 cm across, occur in clusters at the end of branches. Sepals are feathery-haired and long lance-like. The flowers have 5 obovate petals. Identifying feature are the 10 stamens, 5 long curved, with purple anthers, and 5 short, with yellow anthers.
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